How to Memorise the Quran, Part 3/4

The Conclusion

Some Advice From my Own Experiences (the author).

Part Three . . . continuation of the book

How to Memorize Qur’an

The Khatima – Conclusion

The author continues:

1- My dear brother or sister, I have undertaken this long answer to the question how to memorize the Qur’an to help realize the words of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, when he said: “Take care of this Qur’an, for by the One who has the soul of Muhammed in His Hand, it will slip away faster than a loosely bound camel. ( in both Sahih Muslim and Sahih Al-Bukhari ) And he also said: “(Bi’sa) How bad it is if one of you should say I forgot ayat so-and-so,. Rehearse (remember) the Qur’an as it is more precious in the chests / bosoms of men than any other type of blessing or ease.” [related by Al-Bukhari]. And by meaning: ( Bi’sa) How bad it is for a man to say I forgot this or that from the Qur’an, rather Allah will punish him for his forgetfullness because of his manner of never taking care of the Qur’an and memorized it. ( A man used to say I forgot Allah this and that from the Qur’an.” Then the Messenger of Allah ~ peace be upon him ~ encouraged the constant memorization and review of the Qur’an because it escapes quickly.

2- I am not from those who have memorized the entire Qur’an. I am not good enough in this setting [in other words, he is saying]: I am not worthy enough to be considered hafith Qur’an or of their group], but I have given you what Allah has opened to me of knowledge, so if you find any mistake in this humble booklet, then it is from myself and from Shaitan as it was written quickly because of a tight schedule, and if you find the information to be correct, then it is from Allah alone as He is the One who has bestowed this benefit upon me.

3- I wish that anyone who does find a mistake to ask one who is more knowledgeable than me concerning this area so that he can be sure of it, then omit this mistake or change it until it is straight and gives the required meaning.

4- I ask Allah after this interesting journey to make it solely for His pleasure and to help us with memorizing His great Book, and bless us with being able to act to act upon what is in it, and to help us memorize the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed ~ peace be upon him ~ and to make the Book and the Sunnah evidence for us and do not make them evidence against us –He is Wali of that, and Able to do so. And Salat on our Prophet Muhammed and his family and his companions and those who follow them with good until the Day of Deen and give many salaams.

[Translator’s comment: this man is so humble, I ask Allah and may you all ask Allah to bless him for his efforts and the teaching of Qur’an. His life’s work is all towards the akhirah.]

……continued in Part 4

Last revised: December 28, 2001

Omm Rafiq
Glory be to Allah as much as He has created in the heaven.
Glory be to Allah as much as He has created on the earth.
Glory be to Allah as much as what is betweeen that.
Glory be to Allah equal to the number of His creations are,
Allah is Greater than that, and there is no might nor power like Allah.

Subhaanallah ‘adid ma khalaqa fis samaa’,
Subhaanallah ‘adid ma khalaqa fil ard,
subhaanallah ‘adid ma baina thaalik,
subhaanallah ‘adid ma huwa khalaq,
wallahu ‘akbar mithla thaalik,
wa la howla wa la quwwata
‘ila billahi mi
‘ila billahi mithla thatlik
[Reported by Abu Dawud in the Book of Prayer, No. 1500, At-Tirmithi in the Book of Invocations, No. 3563, and he said it is a hasan and gharib hadith. It is also reported by Al Haakim, No. 1/548. Ath-Thabi said that it is a sahih hadith]

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