About This Site

Ramadan Du’aas from the Haram Series grew out of my love for du’aas and especially during the month of Ramadan. It seems to be in the air… I love the du’aas of the Imam after Salatul Tarawih. I have had a number of people ask, “What is the Imam saying?” or “Which du’aa starts…”, so I started the series and love to set the du`aas on beautiful backgrounds.

With the help of a very creative and talented friend who developed some backgrounds especially for Halaqah Makkah, and with her encouragement and suggestions, there is now before you the Ramadan Du’aas from the Haram pages before you.

Since this is a special effort to have the du’aas placed in beautiful graphic settings, please do not copy, reproduce or modify them without express permission of the website owner. Barakallahu feekunnah for your cooperation.

Omm Rafiq

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